Orion: Documentary {Birth/Adoption}

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The Davis couple, all family and friends have been waiting for this for years. An incredible and emotional journey these 2 have been through. I am so happy for them adopting, I just can’t stop myself from being emotional about it. You guys are already amazing! Put a baby in the mix and it’s amazingness times 100. Love you guys. Congrats! xo

They recently had their story published. To read their full story go to :


(thank you freshly-picked for crediting my photo) 🙂

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DSC_3533DSC_3534DSC_3540DSC_3541_DSC5910DSC_3562 DSC_3566a DSC_3570 DSC_3625 DSC_3635 DSC_3641a DSC_3663 DSC_3685 DSC_3695a DSC_3706 DSC_3713 DSC_3722 DSC_3743 DSC_3756 DSC_3762 DSC_3787a DSC_3802 DSC_3805 DSC_3835 DSC_3858 DSC_3876 DSC_3885 DSC_3915 DSC_3920 DSC_3928a DSC_3952a DSC_3969a DSC_3990 DSC_4066 DSC_4082 DSC_4087 DSC_4126 DSC_4139

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