Tanea & Josh: 10 Year Renewal

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Location: Private Residence: Twain Harte, California      Make-up/Hair: Stephanie Greenfield

MRP_3152 MRP_3202MRP_3250aMRP_3208 MRP_3216 MRP_3238 MRP_3254 MRP_3266 MRP_3270 MRP_3303 MRP_3343 MRP_3349 MRP_3380  MRP_3387 MRP_3402 MRP_3418a MRP_3437 MRP_3475 MRP_3477 MRP_3493 MRP_3505 MRP_3513 MRP_3521 MRP_3557a MRP_3571 MRP_3588 MRP_3613 MRP_3624 MRP_3631 MRP_3668a MRP_3743 MRP_3783 MRP_3885a MRP_3920 MRP_3958 MRP_3981 MRP_4040 MRP_4127 MRP_4136 MRP_4142 MRP_4146 MRP_4533

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

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