Jayme & Harley: Couples Portraits

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Make-Up/Hair by Brenda Hendricks ;  Location: Santa Barbara Courthouse, Santa Barbara, California

I wanted to take a different approach in my photography to see how I do with “Fine Art.” I also wanted to challenge myself in not using artificial light in dark situations.  I wanted this photoshoot to be different than what I would usually do. I wanted the fine art feel with organic and dark features.  So I asked Actress Jayme Lake and Actor/Musician Harley Jay if they would be a part of this project.  So glad they accepted! So thank you so much you 2! The story of these photos with all the beauty within this couple created harmonious captures.  And it is soooo good you can pretty much feel the real love and passion in these photos.  Also, a big thanks to my “partner in crime” Brenda Hendricks for making the beautiful Jayme look even more stunning! Hope you all enjoy these.

MRP_6619a MRP_6656 MRP_6726 MRP_6773 MRP_6787 MRP_6791 MRP_6812 MRP_6871a MRP_6900 MRP_6919 MRP_6934a MRP_6962 MRP_6970 MRP_6990 MRP_7007 MRP_7042 MRP_7080 MRP_7091 MRP_7102 MRP_7115 MRP_7133 MRP_7162a MRP_7190a MRP_7225a MRP_7229 MRP_7247 MRP_7274a MRP_7285 MRP_7303 MRP_7378 MRP_7397a MRP_7416 MRP_7431 MRP_7502 MRP_7512 MRP_7525 MRP_7555

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