Julie & Dat: Married

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Location: Hilton in Universal City, California

Assistant Photographer: Josh Glazebrook;  Videographer: Fiske Films

  821A4582 821A4627 821A4708a 821A4791 821A4749 821A4828 821A4829 821A4831 821A4832 821A4833 821A4834 821A4835 821A4837 821A4838 821A4839 821A4840 821A4841 821A4842 821A4843 821A4844 821A4845 821A4846 821A4847 821A4848 821A4849 821A4850 821A5742 821A5762 821A5792 821A5768 821A5824 821A5851 821A5891 821A5898 821A5926 821A5927 821A5928 821A5929 821A5929a 821A5929b 821A6163 821A6317 821A6318 MRP_3664 MRP_3665 MRP_3666 MRP_3667 MRP_3668 MRP_3670 MRP_3671 MRP_3672 MRP_3673 MRP_3674 MRP_3675 MRP_3676 MRP_3677 MRP_3678 MRP_3679 MRP_4481 MRP_4532 MRP_4580 MRP_4607 MRP_4608 MRP_4609 MRP_4610 MRP_4611 MRP_4612 MRP_4613 MRP_4642 MRP_4659a MRP_4669 MRP_4863 MRP_4870 MRP_4937 MRP_4948 MRP_4949 MRP_4980 MRP_5008 MRP_5025 MRP_5026 MRP_5027 MRP_5218 MRP_5241 MRP_5274a MRP_5294 MRP_5346 MRP_5446 MRP_5471 MRP_5478 MRP_5479 MRP_5480 MRP_5847 MRP_6008 MRP_6046 MRP_6047 MRP_6263 MRP_6371 MRP_6478 MRP_6483 MRP_6540 MRP_6552Location: Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City;  Los Angeles, California

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

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