Chelsea & Stan: Couples Portraits

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Locations: Ojai/Ventura, California

MRP_3651 MRP_3685 MRP_3688 MRP_3693 MRP_3713a copy MRP_3717 MRP_3721 MRP_3756 MRP_3757 MRP_3761a copy MRP_3773 MRP_3775 MRP_3787b MRP_3809 MRP_3852 MRP_3875 MRP_3918a MRP_3965a copy MRP_4015 copy MRP_4066 copy MRP_4080 copy MRP_4105 copy MRP_4115a copy MRP_4164 MRP_4183 MRP_4218 copy MRP_4232 copy MRP_4261 copy MRP_4267 MRP_4311

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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