Mallory & Shawn: Married

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Location:  Camarillo, California;   Venue: Camarillo Ranch House;   Make-up & Hair:  Brenda Hendricks (Oxnard, CA};   Catering: Bodacious BBQ (Ventura, CA);   DJ:  Absolute Entertainment (Ventura, CA)

MRP_4022 copy MRP_4069 MRP_4139 copy MRP_4185a MRP_4213 copy MRP_4259a copy MRP_4324 copy MRP_4345 copy MRP_4355 copy MRP_4391 MRP_4403 MRP_4446 MRP_4898 copy MRP_4916 copy MRP_4936 MRP_4987 copy MRP_4994 MRP_5038 copy MRP_5131 MRP_5146 MRP_5216 MRP_5341 copy MRP_5359 MRP_5417 MRP_5480 MRP_5505 copy MRP_5511 copy MRP_5522 MRP_5542 copy MRP_5550 MRP_5551 MRP_5552 MRP_5616 copy MRP_5641 copy MRP_5659 copy MRP_5676 copy MRP_5701 copy MRP_5723 copy MRP_5747 copy MRP_5792 copy MRP_5819a MRP_5949 copy MRP_5958 copy1 MRP_5958 copy2 MRP_5958 copy3 MRP_5958 copy4 MRP_5958 copy6 MRP_5958 copy7 MRP_6016 MRP_6035 copy MRP_6054 copy MRP_6060 copy MRP_6095 copy MRP_6100a copy MRP_6104 MRP_6125 copy MRP_6130 MRP_6159 copy MRP_6169 MRP_6261a copy MRP_6266 MRP_6275 copy MRP_6310 copy MRP_6320 copy MRP_6339 copy MRP_6396a copy MRP_6409 MRP_6420 copy MRP_6442 copy MRP_6451 MRP_6477a copy MRP_6491 copy MRP_6491 copy1 MRP_6491 copy2 MRP_6491 copy3 MRP_6498a copy MRP_6509 copy MRP_6540 MRP_6630 copy MRP_6631 copy MRP_6714 MRP_6729 copy MRP_6751a copy MRP_6763 copy MRP_6776 copy MRP_6813 copy MRP_6842 copy MRP_6851 MRP_6855 copy MRP_6878 MRP_6898 copy MRP_6914 copy MRP_6949 copy MRP_6958 copy MRP_7003 copy MRP_7076 copy MRP_7139 copy MRP_7206 copy MRP_7216 copy MRP_7254 copy MRP_7290 copy MRP_7344 copy MRP_7446 copy MRP_7467 copy MRP_7527 copy MRP_7535 copy MRP_7559 copy MRP_7574a MRP_7581 copy MRP_7603 copy MRP_7617 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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