Alessandra : Documentary {Birth}

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I’ve been waiting for this little princess to be born.  In fact, tons of people had been waiting.  With my busy schedule and with the holidays around the corner…along with wedding season finishing up,  I was afraid I would miss shooting a documentary birth of Alessandra.  It had been a year since I’ve photographed Birth Photos and I was really excited that I made it….well kind of. On Saturday,  November 1st 2014, Brenda (The mother) had texted me and other people that she was on her way to the hospital and that she wasn’t sure if she was going to be sent home…So I kept tabs on her and texted her husband Chris all day to see what the status was.  I had a full day of holiday sessions…And when I was on my way to the last session of the day, I was told she was at 6….I told them I would be at the hospital right after.  After my session was over, I texted I was on the way…and with no answer from Brenda and Chris, I knew it was happening or it happened.  As I parked at the hospital parking lot, Chris texted me back saying, “We just had her.”   So I missed the actual birth by probably 5 minutes…..BUT, it never stopped me from photographing other moments that were waiting for me at Labor & Delivery.  So happy for you and your family Brenda.  You are all close to my heart. Love you all and thank you for sharing your moments with me.

MRP_7287 copy MRP_7290 MRP_7307 copy MRP_7310 copy MRP_7333 copy MRP_7352a copy MRP_7367 copy MRP_7371 copy MRP_7413 copy MRP_7432 copy MRP_7441 copy MRP_7451 copy MRP_7467 copy MRP_7468 copy MRP_7471 copy MRP_7494 copy MRP_7520 copy MRP_7524 copy MRP_7598 copy MRP_7613 copy MRP_7620 copy MRP_7699 copy MRP_7719 copy MRP_7723 copy MRP_7770 copy MRP_7797 copy MRP_7816 copy MRP_7828 copy MRP_7836 copy MRP_7872 copy MRP_7913 copy MRP_7952 copy MRP_7970 copy MRP_7995 copy MRP_8013 copy MRP_8024 copy MRP_8030 copy MRP_8043 copy

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