Rachel & Ron: Married

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Location: Oxnard, California;   Venue/Catering:  Embassy Suites at Mandalay Beach;   Florist:  Shell’s Petals;  Make-up/Hair:  Brenda Hendricks

MRP_5280 copy MRP_5289 copy MRP_5308 copy MRP_5335 copy MRP_5349 copy MRP_5353 copy MRP_5364 copy MRP_5387 copy MRP_5390 copy MRP_5402 copy MRP_5454 copy MRP_5457 copy MRP_5461 copy MRP_5473 copy MRP_5480 MRP_5490 MRP_5496 copy MRP_5498 copy MRP_5561 copy MRP_5562 copy MRP_5592 copy MRP_5609 copy MRP_5619 copy MRP_5646 copy MRP_5664 copy MRP_5696 copy MRP_5780 copy MRP_5784a MRP_5811 copy MRP_5852 copy MRP_5858 copy MRP_5874a MRP_5904 copy MRP_5914 copy MRP_5947 copy MRP_5955 copy MRP_5971 copy MRP_5989 copy MRP_6007 copy MRP_6051 copy MRP_6110 copy MRP_6133 copy MRP_6195 copy MRP_6200 copy MRP_6209 copy MRP_6234 copy MRP_6244 copy MRP_6350 copy MRP_6356 copy MRP_6412 copy MRP_6427 copy MRP_6438 copy MRP_6441 copy MRP_6498 copy MRP_6517 copy MRP_6531 MRP_6540 copy MRP_6543 copy MRP_6561 copy MRP_6571 copy MRP_6579 MRP_6582 copy MRP_6591 copy MRP_6615 copy MRP_6624 MRP_6644 copy MRP_6664 MRP_6668a copy MRP_6677 copy MRP_6735 copy MRP_6755 copy MRP_6761 copy MRP_6775a copy MRP_6795 copy MRP_6811 copy MRP_7083a MRP_7088 copy MRP_7096 MRP_7160 copy MRP_7181 copy MRP_7191 copy MRP_7214 copy MRP_7260 copy MRP_7261 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

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