Tiffany & Brett: Married

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Location: Fresno, California;    Venue:  The Grand 1401;   Assistant Photographer:  Adam Allen;   DJ:  TNT;   Make-up  Emily Johnson;    Hair:  Kimberly Mendivil;   Bakery:  Lunas

1 MRP_3320 copy MRP_3322 copy MRP_3329a copy MRP_3363 copy MRP_3364 copy MRP_3422 copy MRP_3445 copy MRP_3587 copy MRP_3616 copy MRP_3622 copy MRP_3661 copy MRP_3701 copy MRP_3712 copy MRP_3715 copy MRP_3757 copy MRP_3780 copy MRP_3782 copy MRP_3791 copy MRP_3795 copy MRP_3805a copy MRP_3806 copy MRP_3821 copy MRP_3855 copy MRP_3936 copy MRP_3942 copy MRP_3998 copy MRP_4024 MRP_4069 MRP_4077j copy MRP_4077y copy MRP_4078g copy MRP_4093 copy MRP_4143 copy MRP_4160 copy MRP_4195 copy MRP_4228 copy MRP_4432 copy MRP_4526 copy MRP_4546 copy MRP_4648 copy MRP_4670 copy MRP_4674 copy MRP_4683e copy MRP_4683h MRP_4683m MRP_4684d MRP_4701a copy MRP_4722 copy MRP_4739 copy MRP_4741 copy MRP_4743 copy MRP_4745 copy MRP_4785 copy MRP_4794 copy MRP_4809 copy MRP_4825 copy MRP_4864 copy MRP_4870 copy MRP_4880 copy MRP_4921 copy MRP_4929 copy MRP_4985 copy MRP_4991a copy MRP_4994 copy MRP_4996a copy MRP_4996j copy MRP_4996k copy MRP_5022 copy MRP_5147 copy MRP_5157 copy MRP_5164 copy MRP_5184 copy MRP_5187 copy MRP_5197 copy MRP_5198 copy MRP_5198e copy MRP_5225 copy MRP_5254 copy MRP_5255 copy MRP_5255a copy MRP_5259 copy MRP_5271d copy MRP_5288 copy MRP_5388 copy MRP_5420 MRP_5448 copy MRP_5694 copy MRP_5773 copy MRP_5776 copy MRP_5812 copy MRP_5813 MRP_5830 copy MRP_5832 copy MRP_5927 copy MRP_5928 copy MRP_5980o MRP_5980s copy MRP_6070 copy MRP_6091 copy MRP_6131 copy MRP_6163 copy MRP_6189 copy MRP_6191 copy MRP_6213a copy MRP_6233 copy MRP_6237 copy MRP_6240 copy MRP_6250a MRP_6341a copy MRP_6368 copy MRP_6369 copy

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