Thank you 2014

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Thank you everyone for another great year!!! Here are some of my favorite moments from 2014!

See you in 2015_DSC9547 _JGH7255 _JGH7435 _JGH8204 _JGH8614 378 copy 407 copy 001797 copy AliciaMatt_2433 DSC_6583 DSC_7790 JulieDat35 MRP_0009 copy MRP_0162 MRP_0358 MRP_0509 copy MRP_0744 copy MRP_0747 copy MRP_0962 MRP_0971 copy MRP_0995 copy MRP_1013 copy MRP_1021 MRP_1061 MRP_1111 MRP_1169 copy MRP_1268 copy MRP_1334 MRP_1566 copy MRP_1783 copy MRP_1848 MRP_1849 MRP_1920 copy MRP_1975 MRP_2037 MRP_2299 MRP_2572 MRP_2576 MRP_2624 copy MRP_2625 copy MRP_2657 copy MRP_2940 MRP_2991 MRP_3084 MRP_3180 copy MRP_3292 copy MRP_3447 copy MRP_3447 MRP_3537 MRP_3721 MRP_3873 copy MRP_3936 copy MRP_3964 MRP_4208a copy MRP_4313 MRP_4434 MRP_4489 MRP_4495 MRP_4533 copy MRP_4683e copy MRP_5526 copy MRP_5550 copy MRP_5557 MRP_5635 MRP_5707 MRP_5979 copy MRP_6070 copy MRP_6171 copy MRP_6266 copy MRP_6279 copy MRP_6281 MRP_6475 MRP_6761 copy MRP_6899 MRP_6905 MRP_6952 MRP_6995 copy MRP_7247 MRP_7333 copy MRP_7598 copy MRP_7627 MRP_7687 MRP_7716 MRP_7722 copy MRP_7993 copy MRP_8110 copy MRP_8203 MRP_8293 MRP_8342 copy MRP_8385 MRP_8532 copy MRP_8656 MRP_8839 MRP_8883 MRP_8933 copy MRP_8959 MRP_9187 copy MRP_9505 MRP_9696 MRP_9762

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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