Kendre & Brian: Married

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Location:  Private Residence,  Ojai, California;        Hair/Makeup:  Brittney McWethy

9 copy 10 copy 17 copy 22 copy 25 copy 29 copy 59 copy 61 copy 64 65 copy 70 copy 91 copy 100 copy 107 copy 116 copy 119 copy 126 copy 131 copy 134 copy 137 copy 141 copy 147 copy 149 copy 151a copy 154a copy 175 copy 180a copy 183 copy 190 copy 192 copy 214 copy 224 copy 230 copy 267 copy MRP_0087 copy MRP_0114 copy MRP_0162 MRP_0194 copy MRP_0232 copy MRP_0248 copy MRP_0284 copy MRP_0304 copy MRP_0355 copy MRP_0420a MRP_0589 copy MRP_0630a MRP_0653 copy MRP_0839 copy MRP_0882 copy MRP_0895 copy MRP_0913 copy MRP_0918 copy MRP_0935 copy MRP_0953 copy MRP_0963 copy MRP_1002 copy MRP_1036 copy MRP_1055 copy MRP_1322 copy MRP_1346 copy MRP_1444 copy MRP_1524 copy MRP_1605 copy MRP_1628a MRP_1729 copy MRP_1748 copy MRP_1751 copy MRP_1760 copy MRP_1853 copy MRP_1902 copy MRP_1963 copy MRP_2002 copy MRP_2036 copy MRP_2069 MRP_2085 copy MRP_2208 copy MRP_2266 copy MRP_2506 copy MRP_2532 copy MRP_2649 copy MRP_2672 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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