Shayna & Josh: Engaged

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Location:  San Diego, California

MRP_3863 copy MRP_3913 copy MRP_3928 copy MRP_3939 copy MRP_3949 copy MRP_3960 copy MRP_4016 copy MRP_4019 copy MRP_4051 copy MRP_4054 copy MRP_4071 copy MRP_4076 copy MRP_4099b copy MRP_4111a copy MRP_4125 copy MRP_4142c copy MRP_4146 copy MRP_4157 copy MRP_4165 copy MRP_4199a MRP_4201 copy MRP_4203 copy MRP_4274a copy MRP_4296 copy MRP_4298a copy MRP_4325 copy MRP_4327a copy MRP_4331 copy MRP_4383 copy MRP_4390 copy MRP_4392a copy MRP_4395 copy MRP_4402 copy MRP_4421 copy MRP_4457 copy MRP_4493 copy MRP_4499 copy MRP_4510 copy MRP_4532 copy MRP_4550 copy MRP_4558a copy MRP_4565 MRP_4606 copy MRP_4624a copy MRP_4628 copy MRP_4645 copy MRP_4650a MRP_4655 copy MRP_4707 copy MRP_4735 copy MRP_4779 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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