Janice & Jason: Married


Location:  Ten Dash One, Ventura County Government Center & Downtown Ventura, Ventura, California

Wedding Dress:  Custom Made/Tailored by Elizabeth/Just Lovely Fashion;     Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik;    Hair:  Chelsea/Ten Dash One;     Make-up: Lupita/Ten Dash One;     Floral:  Bernardo’s Flowers;    Groom’s Suit:  Statement In Italy;    Groom’s Shoes: Cole Haan

MRP_5489 MRP_5535 copy MRP_5540 copy MRP_5548 copy MRP_5592 copy MRP_5608 copy MRP_5625 copy MRP_5649 copy MRP_5658 copy MRP_5665 copy MRP_5681 copy MRP_5687 copy MRP_5701 copy MRP_5711 copy MRP_5725 copy MRP_5735 copy MRP_5743 copy MRP_5745 MRP_5757 copy MRP_5760 copy MRP_5770 copy MRP_5791 copy MRP_5829 copy MRP_5841 MRP_5855 copy MRP_5858 MRP_5859 copy MRP_5872 copy MRP_5877 copy MRP_5887 copy MRP_5917 copy MRP_5922 copy MRP_5927a copy MRP_5931a MRP_5940 copy MRP_5946 copy MRP_5948 copy MRP_5951 copy MRP_5957 copy MRP_5961 copy MRP_5967 copy MRP_5991 copy MRP_5995a MRP_6009 MRP_6048 copy MRP_6072 copy MRP_6083 copy MRP_6103 copy MRP_6122 copy MRP_6139 copy MRP_6160 copy MRP_6189 copy MRP_6208 copy MRP_6244 copy MRP_6249 copy MRP_6298 copy MRP_6333 copy MRP_6337 copy MRP_6381 copy MRP_6407 copy MRP_6439 copy MRP_6485 copy MRP_6518 copy MRP_6557 copy MRP_6579 copy MRP_6617 copy MRP_6692 copy MRP_6700 copy MRP_6714 copy MRP_6746 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

2 thoughts on “Janice & Jason: Married”

  1. TheWeddingTalk on IG says:

    What a wonderful job of not only capturing their existing beautiful looks, but capturing the LOVE between them! You have made me a fan of your work with just the first image! Looking forward to booking future brides and recommending them to you!

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