Eli & Enrique: Engaged

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Location:  Private Residence, Ventura, California

Hair & Make-up by Brenda Hendricks

MRP_8803 copy MRP_8817 copy MRP_8834 MRP_8849 copy MRP_8864 copy MRP_8877 copy MRP_8906 copy MRP_8914 copy MRP_8940 copy MRP_8965 copy MRP_9016 copy MRP_9047 copy MRP_9102 copy MRP_9111a MRP_9130 copy MRP_9140 copy MRP_9144 copy MRP_9168 copy MRP_9250 copy MRP_9277 copy MRP_9297 copy MRP_9326 copy MRP_9336 copy MRP_9339 copy MRP_9344 copy MRP_9370 copy MRP_9372 copy MRP_9397 copy MRP_9404 copy MRP_9426 copy MRP_9451 copy MRP_9454 copy MRP_9456 copy MRP_9466 copy MRP_9500 copy MRP_9559 copy MRP_9615 copy MRP_9625 copy MRP_9657 copy MRP_9674 copy MRP_9683 copy MRP_9685 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

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