Nicole & Shane: Engaged

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Location: Crossfit Visalia,  Visalia, California;     Hair by: Crystal Vasconcellos;     Make-up By: Candi Crawford

MRP_2515 copy MRP_2526 copy MRP_2527 copy MRP_2557 copy MRP_2599 copy MRP_2618a copy MRP_2626 copy MRP_2637 copy MRP_2646 copy MRP_2659 copy MRP_2677a copy MRP_2690 MRP_2704 copy MRP_2720 copy MRP_2732 copy MRP_2758a copy MRP_2781 copy MRP_2786 copy MRP_2797 copy MRP_2803 copy MRP_2816 copy MRP_2825 copy MRP_2826 copy MRP_2855 copy MRP_2880 copy MRP_2889 copy MRP_2895 copy MRP_2905_1 copy MRP_2913 copy MRP_2921 copy MRP_2933 copy MRP_2940_1 copy MRP_2949 copy MRP_2955 MRP_3013 copy MRP_3037a copy MRP_3044 copy MRP_3057 copy MRP_3060 copy MRP_3064 copy MRP_3079 copy MRP_3106 MRP_3129 copy MRP_3136 copy MRP_3138 copy MRP_3159 copy MRP_3168 copy MRP_3193 copy MRP_3224 copy MRP_3230 copy MRP_3248 copy MRP_3263a copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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