Adriana & Saul: Married

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Ceremony Location:  Santa Clara Church, Oxnard, California;   Reception Location: Camarillo Library, Camarillo, California;     Wedding Coordinator:  Katherine Rizos (Beauty & The Ring);  Make-up & Hair:  Brenda Hendricks;   Videographer: Jesus Merino;   Caterer: DJs;    DJ: WD Entertainment

MRP_6715 copy MRP_6716 copy MRP_6755 copy MRP_6771 copy MRP_6779 copy MRP_6793 copy MRP_6823 copy MRP_6825a MRP_6860 copy MRP_6897 copy MRP_6917 copy MRP_6950 copy MRP_6991 copy MRP_7070 copy MRP_7104a copy MRP_7107 MRP_7110 copy MRP_7131 copy  MRP_7178 copy MRP_7190a copy MRP_7199 copy MRP_7233 copy MRP_7251 copy MRP_7268 copy MRP_7291 copy MRP_7332 copy MRP_7333 copy MRP_7365 copy MRP_7409 copy MRP_7460 copy MRP_7490 copy MRP_7509 copy MRP_7519 copy MRP_7523 copy MRP_7556 copy MRP_7571 copy MRP_7606a copy MRP_7620 copy MRP_7666 copy MRP_7676 copy MRP_7728 copy  MRP_7803 MRP_7824 copy MRP_7856 copy MRP_7941 copy MRP_7945 copy MRP_8033 MRP_8101a MRP_8135 copy MRP_8155 MRP_8237 copy MRP_8250 copy MRP_8289 copy MRP_8361 copy MRP_8365_1 copy MRP_8401 copy MRP_8412 copy MRP_8430 copy  MRP_8442a copy MRP_8460 copy MRP_8463 copy MRP_8477 copy MRP_8506 copy MRP_8519 copy MRP_8549 copy MRP_8553 copy MRP_8558 copy MRP_8567 copy MRP_8634 copy MRP_8659 copy MRP_8687 copy MRP_8703 copy MRP_8774 copy MRP_8775 copy MRP_8828 copy MRP_8869 copy MRP_8898 copy MRP_8923 copy MRP_8993 copy MRP_9006 copy MRP_9008a copy MRP_9033 copy MRP_9056 copy MRP_9104 MRP_9140 copy MRP_9202 copy MRP_9205 copy MRP_9297 copy MRP_9316a copy MRP_9319 copy MRP_9334 copy MRP_9357 copy MRP_9370a MRP_9383 copy MRP_9403 copy MRP_9428 copy MRP_9579 copy MRP_9607 copy MRP_9630 copy MRP_9764 copy MRP_9765 copy MRP_9873 copy MRP_9889 copy MRP_9915 copy MRP_9981 copy MRP_9990 copy MRP_9990c copy MRP_9990t copy MRP_9991 copy MRP_9999e copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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