Dana & Rudy: Desert Styled Shoot

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Location: Santa Clarita Hills, CA;       Make-up & Hair by Brenda Hendricks;    Photo Assistant: Darlene Kawaguchi

So it’s been awhile since I’ve shot a “styled shoot” of my own. I had it set in my mind for awhile that I wanted to do a desert themed shoot with a few different looks, with some couples shots and solo shots of a female model.  So, I actually had time in my busy schedule to set something like this up.  I am so grateful for Dana and her husband Rudy to travel down south to be a part of this photoshoot. We were lucky to have a little bit of wind and “not so hot” weather.  I was very picky with this shoot,  I couldn’t think of anyone better to do this! Dana & Rudy  rocked this shoot and brought a sexy and sultry vibe.  They looked amazing and we had quite an adventure! I look forward in shooting with them again 🙂  Big thanks to Brenda and Darlene for helping me with this shoot! I couldn’t done this without you two! 😉

MRP_5443 copy MRP_5465 copy MRP_5486a copy MRP_5536 copy MRP_5584 copy MRP_5594 copy MRP_5597 copy MRP_5602 copy MRP_5629 copy MRP_5631 MRP_5645 MRP_5656 copy MRP_5659 MRP_5691 copy MRP_5736 copy MRP_5779 copy MRP_5840 copy MRP_5843 copy MRP_5863 copy MRP_5884 copy MRP_5897 copy MRP_5898 copy MRP_5903 copy MRP_5914 copy MRP_5921 copy MRP_5977 copy MRP_6037 copy MRP_6044 copy MRP_6051 copy MRP_6058 copy MRP_6094 copy MRP_6155 copy MRP_6160 copy MRP_6165 copy MRP_6185 copy MRP_6189 copy MRP_6199 copy MRP_6223a copy MRP_6231 copy MRP_6247 copy MRP_6461 MRP_6521 copy MRP_6556 copy MRP_6595 copy MRP_6618 MRP_6648 copy MRP_6649 copy MRP_6655a MRP_6746 copy MRP_6778 copy MRP_6818 copy MRP_6823 copy MRP_6901 copy MRP_6973 copy MRP_6985 copy MRP_6992 copy MRP_6995 copy MRP_7007 copy

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