Kimberly & Andrew: Engaged

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Location: Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UC San Diego), La Jolla, California

MRP_3393 copy MRP_3408 copy MRP_3428 copy MRP_3432 copy MRP_3471 copy MRP_3488 copy MRP_3518 copy MRP_3521 copy MRP_3540 copy MRP_3553 copy MRP_3562 copy MRP_3607 copy MRP_3645 copy MRP_3690 copy MRP_3700 copy MRP_3733 copy MRP_3762 copy MRP_3763 copy  MRP_3787 copy MRP_3804 copy  MRP_3873 copy MRP_3882 copy MRP_3913  MRP_3972 copy  MRP_4015 MRP_4031 copy MRP_4038 copy MRP_4044a copy MRP_4063 copy MRP_4068 copy MRP_4091 copy MRP_4208 copy MRP_4239 copy MRP_4269 copy MRP_4285 copy MRP_4296 copy MRP_4325 copy MRP_4360 copy MRP_4364 copy MRP_4374 copy MRP_4415 copy MRP_4422 copy MRP_4431 copy MRP_4441 copy MRP_4453 copy MRP_4552 copy MRP_4571 copy MRP_4590 copy MRP_4598 copy  MRP_4651 copy MRP_4726 copy MRP_4737a copy MRP_4754a MRP_4767 copy MRP_4830 copy MRP_4866 copy MRP_4931 copy MRP_4947 copy MRP_4963 copy MRP_4972 copy MRP_4982 copy MRP_5025 copy MRP_5032 copy MRP_5065 copy MRP_5085 copy MRP_5088 copy MRP_5107 copy MRP_5136 copy MRP_5150 MRP_5153 copy MRP_5165 copy MRP_5181 copy MRP_5183 copy MRP_5192 copy MRP_5213 copy MRP_5265 copy MRP_5276 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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