Veronica & John: Engaged

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Location:  Camarillo, California

MRP_0001 copy MRP_0006 copy MRP_0007 copy MRP_0044 copy MRP_0046 copy MRP_0070 copy MRP_0082 copy MRP_0110 copy MRP_0121 copy MRP_0160 copy MRP_0215 copy MRP_0224 copy MRP_0255 copy MRP_0282 copy MRP_0292 copy MRP_0327 copy MRP_0340 copy MRP_0379 copy MRP_0384 copy MRP_9556 copy MRP_9563 copy MRP_9600 copy MRP_9636 copy MRP_9653 copy MRP_9668 copy MRP_9691 copy MRP_9701 copy MRP_9703 copy MRP_9719 copy MRP_9728 MRP_9742 copy MRP_9773 copy MRP_9776 copy MRP_9777 copy MRP_9809 copy MRP_9812 copy MRP_9823 copy MRP_9845 copy MRP_9899 copy MRP_9909 copy MRP_9948 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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