Christina & Gil: Married

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Location:  Ventura Missionary Church ( ), Ventura, California;    Pastor:  Brian Hayes;   Wedding Coordinator:  Amy Giliio;     Make-up:  Brenda Hendricks ( www. )  ( );    Hair: Valerie Lopez

MRP_5323 copy MRP_5343a MRP_5358 copy MRP_5362 copy MRP_5368 copy MRP_5386 copy MRP_5432 copy MRP_5435 copy MRP_5445 copy MRP_5448 copy MRP_5462 copy MRP_5472 copy MRP_5480 copy MRP_5484 copy MRP_5487 copy MRP_5502 copy MRP_5510 copy MRP_5529 copy MRP_5562 copy MRP_5618 copy MRP_5632 copy MRP_5635 copy MRP_5646 copy MRP_5651 copy MRP_5655 copy MRP_5658 copy MRP_5668 copy MRP_5702 copy MRP_5707 copy MRP_5734 copy MRP_5750 copy MRP_5764 copy MRP_5771 copy MRP_5778 copy MRP_5784 copy MRP_5796 copy MRP_5806 copy MRP_5815 copy MRP_5831 copy MRP_5840 copy MRP_5854 copy MRP_5861 copy MRP_5862 copy MRP_5873 copy MRP_5878 copy MRP_5881 copy MRP_5906 copy MRP_5907 copy MRP_5911 copy MRP_5929 copy MRP_5946 copy MRP_5954 copy MRP_6117 copy MRP_6140 copy MRP_6148 copy MRP_6172 copy MRP_6180 copy MRP_6195 copy MRP_6203 copy MRP_6256 copy MRP_6267 copy MRP_6290 copy MRP_6297 copy MRP_6359 copy MRP_6383 copy MRP_6458 copy MRP_6494 copy MRP_6495 copy MRP_6513 copy MRP_6527 copy MRP_6562 copy MRP_6578 copy MRP_6580 copy MRP_6584 copy MRP_6592 copy MRP_6602 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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