Sydney & Beau: Married

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Location:  Private Residence, Santa Paula, California;    Officiant:  Johnny Brooks;     Caterer;  Taco Man;    Bakery;  Mighty Bites

MRP_0430 copy MRP_0457 copy MRP_0474 copy MRP_0479 copy MRP_0481 copy MRP_0485 copy MRP_0501 copy MRP_0515 copy MRP_0524 copy MRP_0553 copy MRP_0580 copy MRP_0601 copy MRP_0610 copy MRP_0631 copy MRP_0650 copy MRP_0659 copy MRP_0684 copy MRP_0691 copy MRP_0697 copy MRP_0757 copy MRP_0768 copy MRP_0803 copy MRP_0808 copy MRP_0832 copy MRP_0871 copy MRP_0889 copy MRP_1036 copy MRP_1062 copy MRP_1074 copy MRP_1094 copy MRP_1116 copy MRP_1122 copy MRP_1124 copy MRP_1135 copy MRP_1137 copy MRP_1138 copy MRP_1157 copy MRP_1170 copy MRP_1195 copy MRP_1196 copy MRP_1208 copy MRP_1239 copy MRP_1260 copy MRP_1298 copy MRP_1311 copy MRP_1323 copy MRP_1400 copy MRP_1407 copy MRP_1558 copy MRP_1592 copy MRP_1597 copy MRP_1611 copy MRP_1639 copy MRP_1688 copy MRP_1696 copy MRP_1741 copy MRP_1775 copy MRP_1803 copy MRP_1813 copy MRP_1870 copy MRP_1933 copy MRP_1940 copy MRP_1961 copy MRP_1978 copy MRP_1984 copy MRP_2004 copy MRP_2012 MRP_2055 copy MRP_2059 copy MRP_2062 copy MRP_2063 copy MRP_2084 copy MRP_2088 copy MRP_2102 copy MRP_2107 copy MRP_2115 copy MRP_2123 copy MRP_2125 copy MRP_2141 copy MRP_2155 MRP_2167 copy MRP_2394 copy MRP_2396 copy MRP_2401 copy MRP_2423 copy MRP_2430 copy MRP_2441 copy MRP_2462 copy MRP_2476 copy MRP_2478 copy MRP_2492 copy MRP_2505 copy MRP_2515 copy MRP_2533 copy MRP_2557 copy MRP_2576 copy MRP_2605 copy MRP_2631 copy MRP_2633c copy MRP_2729 copy MRP_2756 copy MRP_2762 copy MRP_2765 copy MRP_2777 copy MRP_2804 copy MRP_2805 copy MRP_2810 copy MRP_2835 copy MRP_2876 copy MRP_2886 copy MRP_2896 copy MRP_2899 copy MRP_2903 copy MRP_2938 copy MRP_2955 copy MRP_2961 copy MRP_2963 copy MRP_2966b copy MRP_2983 copy MRP_2984 copy MRP_3001 copy MRP_3008 copy MRP_3010 copy MRP_3085 copy MRP_3100 copy MRP_3107 copy MRP_3114 copy MRP_3174 copy MRP_3212 copy MRP_3233 copy MRP_3235 copy MRP_3252 copy

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