Brittanie & Landon: Married

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Location:  Hazy Meadow Ranch & Carriage Co., Lakeside, California ( )

Photographer:  Michelle Ramirez Photography ( );    Videographer:  Josh Glazebrook ( );   Florist:  Melissa “I Do Weddings”    Catere/Cupcakesr:  Ranch Catering;    Officiant:  Davey Smith;    Make-up/Hair:  Beauti on The Go ( )

MRP_0001i copy MRP_0001q copy MRP_0001t copy MRP_0001z copy MRP_0002b copy MRP_0002e copy MRP_0002g copy MRP_0002i copy MRP_0002k copy MRP_0002p copy MRP_0002x copy MRP_0003c copy MRP_0003h copy MRP_0003k copy MRP_0003m copy MRP_0003n copy MRP_0003p copy MRP_0015 copy MRP_0054 copy MRP_0110 copy MRP_0112 copy MRP_0123 copy MRP_0135 copy MRP_0138 copy MRP_0162 copy MRP_0172 copy MRP_0192 copy MRP_0229 copy MRP_0270 copy MRP_0281 copy MRP_0341 copy MRP_0384 copy MRP_0408 copy MRP_0410 copy MRP_0420 copy MRP_0424 copy MRP_0478 copy MRP_0495 copy MRP_0499 copy MRP_0515 copy MRP_0530 copy MRP_0539 copy MRP_0651 copy MRP_0663 MRP_0665 copy MRP_0686 copy MRP_0717 copy MRP_0739 copy MRP_0764 copy MRP_0878 copy MRP_0890 copy MRP_0926 copy MRP_0936 copy MRP_0969 MRP_1013 copy MRP_1043 copy MRP_1118 copy MRP_1138a copy MRP_1140 copy MRP_1172 copy MRP_1349 copy MRP_1352 copy MRP_1364 copy MRP_1407 copy MRP_1436 copy MRP_1459a copy MRP_1617 copy MRP_1661 copy MRP_1698 copy MRP_1705 copy MRP_1720 copy MRP_1817 copy MRP_1819 copy MRP_1823 copy MRP_1830 copy MRP_1844 copy MRP_1859 copy MRP_1878 copy MRP_1885 copy MRP_1890 copy MRP_1895 copy MRP_1941 copy MRP_1957 copy MRP_1983 copy MRP_1994 copy MRP_2013 copy MRP_2031 copy MRP_2038 copy MRP_2052 copy MRP_2073 copy MRP_2082 copy MRP_2090 copy MRP_2211 copy MRP_2245 copy MRP_2272 copy MRP_2290 copy MRP_2306 copy MRP_2345 copy MRP_2351 copy MRP_2364 copy MRP_2553 copy MRP_2565 copy MRP_2570 MRP_2590 copy MRP_2714 copy MRP_2745 copy MRP_2827 copy MRP_2906 copy MRP_2942 copy MRP_2990 copy MRP_3008 copy MRP_3013 copy MRP_3040 copy MRP_3047 copy MRP_3055 copy MRP_3082 copy MRP_3087 copy MRP_3099 copy MRP_3107 copy MRP_3134 copy MRP_3145 copy MRP_3156 copy MRP_3227 copy MRP_3238 copy MRP_3260 copy MRP_3283 copy MRP_3304 copy MRP_3314 copy MRP_3333 copy MRP_3377 copy MRP_3382 copy MRP_3395 copy MRP_3427 copy MRP_3428 copy MRP_3468 copy MRP_3479 copy MRP_3515 copy MRP_3523 copy MRP_3542 MRP_3551 copy MRP_3555 copy MRP_3561 copy MRP_3612 copy MRP_3625 copy MRP_3676 copy MRP_3686 copy MRP_3713 MRP_3774 copy MRP_3797 copy MRP_3809 MRP_3833 copy MRP_3847 copy MRP_3855 copy MRP_3900 copy MRP_3992 copy MRP_4091 copy MRP_4129 copy MRP_4149 copy MRP_4163 copy MRP_4174 copy MRP_4177 copy MRP_4223 copy MRP_4250 copy MRP_4265 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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