Sarah & Tommy: Engaged

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Locations:  “The Funk Zone” and East Beach, Santa Barbara, California

MRP_1292 copy MRP_1299 copy MRP_1306 copy MRP_1308 copy MRP_1336 copy MRP_1343 copy MRP_1376 copy MRP_1414 copy MRP_1418 copy MRP_1429 copy MRP_1463 copy MRP_1508 copy MRP_1563 copy MRP_1569a copy MRP_1572 copy MRP_1585 copy MRP_1597 copy MRP_1610 copy MRP_1646 copy MRP_1660 copy MRP_1665 copy MRP_1674 copy MRP_1698 copy MRP_1709 copy MRP_1737 copy MRP_1743 copy MRP_1746 copy MRP_1755 copy MRP_1779 copy MRP_1790 copy MRP_1816 copy MRP_1836 copy MRP_1846 copy MRP_1884 copy MRP_1932 copy MRP_1958 copy MRP_1971 copy MRP_1989 copy MRP_1997 copy MRP_2018 copy MRP_2030 copy MRP_2064 copy MRP_2073 copy MRP_2084 copy MRP_2092 copy MRP_2107 copy MRP_2122 copy MRP_2126 copy MRP_2142 copy MRP_2144 copy MRP_2150 copy MRP_2171 copy MRP_2172 copy MRP_2175 copy MRP_2176 copy MRP_2178 copy MRP_2245 copy MRP_2248MRP_2247 copy MRP_2261 copy MRP_2270 copy MRP_2272 copy MRP_2277 copy MRP_2287 copy MRP_2292 copy MRP_2297 copy MRP_2313 copy MRP_2327 copy MRP_2332 copy MRP_2344 copy MRP_2350 copy MRP_2353 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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