Crystal & Ryan: Married

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Location:  San Pedro, California;    Venue: L.A. Harbor Lodge;    Wedding Coordinator: Shar;     Videographer: Crescent Bay Films;    Floral Design: Monchito’s Flower Shop;     Caterer: West Coast Catering;     DJ: DJ Ace (Flawless Entertainment DJs);     Cake:  King’s Hawaiian

MRP_1133 copyMRP_1135a MRP_1139 MRP_1177 MRP_1192 MRP_1211a MRP_1215 MRP_1218a MRP_1230 MRP_1232  MRP_1247 MRP_1267 MRP_1304 MRP_1335 MRP_1349 MRP_1376 copy MRP_1385 MRP_1405a MRP_1418     MRP_1592MRP_1620MRP_1730MRP_1731MRP_1762 MRP_1784 MRP_1808 MRP_1811 MRP_1814 MRP_1817 MRP_1818 MRP_1904 MRP_1919 MRP_1946 MRP_1981 MRP_2030 MRP_2038 MRP_2086 MRP_2134 MRP_2170 MRP_2193 MRP_2244 MRP_2306 MRP_2321 MRP_2388 MRP_2393 MRP_2411a MRP_2413 MRP_2418 MRP_2422 MRP_2427 MRP_2429 MRP_2446 MRP_2496 MRP_2501 MRP_2501f MRP_2521 MRP_2653 MRP_2670  MRP_2696 MRP_2751 MRP_2786 MRP_2826 MRP_2836 MRP_2923 MRP_2972 MRP_2996 MRP_3014 MRP_3090 MRP_3117 MRP_3149 MRP_3159a MRP_3183 MRP_3200 MRP_3226 MRP_3249 MRP_3321 MRP_3349 MRP_3536 copy MRP_3581a MRP_3901 copy MRP_3925 copy MRP_3951 copy MRP_4079 copy MRP_4179m copy MRP_4217 copy MRP_4297 copy MRP_4335 MRP_4346 MRP_4364 copy MRP_4439 copy MRP_4454 MRP_4515a MRP_4573 MRP_4609 copy MRP_4658 copy MRP_4669 copy MRP_4683 copy MRP_4691 copy MRP_4697 copy MRP_4760 copy

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