Veronica + John: Married

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Location: Ventura, California;     Church: Harbor Community Church;     Floral: Skyline Floral/ Sara McLeod;      Officiant/Minister: John Wilson;  Make-up/Hair:  Suzie Hernandez;    Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

 MRP_7615 copyMRP_7763 copy  MRP_7678 copy MRP_7707 copy MRP_7717 copy  MRP_7749a copy MRP_7756 copy MRP_7758 copy  MRP_7769 copy MRP_7787 copy MRP_7798a copy  MRP_7863 copy MRP_7878a MRP_7914 copy MRP_7915a copy MRP_7943a copy MRP_8013a MRP_8042 copy MRP_8057 copy MRP_8112 copy MRP_8122 copy MRP_8129a copy MRP_8138 copy MRP_8171a copy MRP_8225 copy MRP_8249a copy MRP_8293 copy MRP_8340a copy MRP_8352 copy MRP_8377a copy MRP_8411 copy MRP_8472a copy MRP_8489 copy MRP_8509 copy MRP_8594 copy MRP_8597a copy MRP_8757a copy MRP_8777a copy MRP_8797 copy MRP_8830 copy MRP_8831 copy MRP_8838a copy MRP_8850 copy MRP_8860 copy MRP_8908a copy MRP_8928 copy MRP_9204 copy  MRP_9304a copy MRP_9365 copy MRP_9422 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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