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Location: Oxnard, California;  Make-up and Hair by Brenda Hendricks

I meant to post these MONTHS ago, but this has been the busiest year for me.  Just to warn you all, I am not a fan when it comes to typing out experiences on my blog. I let the photos I take speak for itself. I am honestly the most terrible writer. However, I really thought I should write about this shoot.

This is Kathy. She is an amazing Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer from Toronto area in Ontario, Canada ( http://www.focca.ca ).  We actually met on Facebook and Instagram from mutual friends and loving eachother’s work.  Then we would message each other and then skype.  We instantly had a connection on our first skype. We laughed and cussed alot. We really knew each other’s souls. Trust me we’ve had disagreements and drove each other crazy at times, but we understand and respect one another. I am proud to be her friend. She is inspiring to many photographers and many mothers.  She is a fantastic photographer and better yet, a wonderful mother that gives her son legos and pure love.

I was lucky enough that Kathy and her son Aiden came to visit us last June 2015.  I tried to take them both to as many places as possible! The one place she loved the most was Target.

Kathy,  I am so glad you both came to visit.  I was honored and nervous to shoot your lifestyle headshots and some with Aiden. I had fun shooting the hell out of you both. I just wished I documented each day as much as you did. Thank you for visiting us 🙂 I really miss you! I need to come visit you when you are all settled in your new home and when I have a free week lol.  I think of you often and as much as our schedules are busy, lets skype soon. Love you and give Aiden hugs from me and Maylee.

So here you go folks! Meet Kathy Focca and visit her site linked above.

MRP_0390 copy MRP_0583 copy MRP_0656 copy MRP_0811 copy MRP_0857a MRP_0860 copy MRP_0907 copy MRP_1068 copyMRP_2134 copy

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