Janet + Cesar: Married

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Ceremony: Santa Clara Catholic Church, Oxnard, California;    Reception: Palm Garden Hotel, Thousand Oaks, California;      Second Photographer/Assist: Erik Hokom;     Videographer: JADrop;     Hair/Makeup: Brenda Hendricks from SJ Studio Salon;      Caterer: Brendan’s Irish Pub;                Rentals: Chiavar

 MRP_5003a copy MRP_5005a copy MRP_5015 copy MRP_5017 copy MRP_5020 copy MRP_5021 copy MRP_5025 copy MRP_5033 copy MRP_5034a copy MRP_5038e copy MRP_5077 copy MRP_5079 copy MRP_5081 copy MRP_5091 copy MRP_5092b copy MRP_5092oa copy MRP_5093 copy MRP_5129a copy MRP_5138 copy MRP_5145 copy MRP_5189 copy MRP_5253 copy MRP_5279a copy MRP_5279b copy MRP_5279c copy MRP_5279d copy  MRP_5282e copy MRP_5308a copy MRP_5322 copy MRP_5430a copy  MRP_5447aa copy MRP_5447j copy MRP_5447ra copy MRP_5447t copy MRP_5466 copyMRP_5550 copy MRP_5564a copy MRP_5580 copy MRP_5583aa copy MRP_5585a copy MRP_5607 copy MRP_5749a copy MRP_5775 copy MRP_5804 copy MRP_5944 copy MRP_5964a copy MRP_5983 copy MRP_6022 copy MRP_6055 copy MRP_6058 MRP_6075a copy MRP_6110 copyMRP_6123 copy MRP_6126a copy MRP_6145u copy MRP_6146e copy MRP_6146x copy  MRP_6147h copy MRP_6147p copy MRP_6147r copy MRP_6148c copy MRP_6148e copy MRP_6148i copy MRP_6148p copy MRP_6148s copy MRP_6148u copy MRP_6149d copy MRP_6746 copy MRP_6751 copy MRP_6754 copy MRP_6755 copy MRP_6756oa copy MRP_6760a copy MRP_6795 copy MRP_6796 copy MRP_6797 copy MRP_6798 copy MRP_6845 copyMRP_6846 copyMRP_6862 copyMRP_6888 copyMRP_6901a copyMRP_6907a copyMRP_6925 copyMRP_6963a copyMRP_6988 copyMRP_6993 copy MRP_7047 copy MRP_7088 copy MRP_7203 copy MRP_7325 copy MRP_7360 copy MRP_7378a copy MRP_7451a copy MRP_7485 copy MRP_7496 copy MRP_7521 copy MRP_7558 copy MRP_7559 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

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