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Ohhhh to be 5!  It is a huge milestone.. My sweet baby girl is turning 5.  Before I found out I was pregnant with her, in my head I thought, “I don’t ever want a Christmas baby.  It would suck for her and it would suck for us financially.”  Well I didn’t get a Christmas baby. I did get a Christmas Eve baby 🙂 ..and it doesn’t suck.  I couldn’t imagine not having a Maylee.   She sure has my traits when it comes to being artistic, musical, kind of clumsy and unbelievably blunt with some sass. She looks just like me when I was a baby and even now at this age. She has her father’s humor, dedication, very animated and outgoing personality. She is definitely respectful and incredibly passionate about what she loves, and wears her heart on her sleeve…and that’s something we are proud of.  We are proud of ourselves as parents and we are proud of what kind of person she is now.  She makes us feel alive.  I went ahead and interviewed her and asked her some questions… we laughed a lot together..and I may of cried a little because I just can’t believe that she is 5 and what kind of person she is.  Definition of perfect to me is her..seriously…I know I am her mother and I am supposed to say things like that…but I deeply believe it.

What she loves {3 things}

  1. She loves school.  Right now she loves homework and learning. I can’t wait to ask her when she is 10 this same question….lol But who knows…if she is anything like my nieces, she’ll still love it…but would want more of a challenge. 2. She loves dance.  Only Ballet and Hip Hop…she would like to try Jazz….but maybe we can skip that and try gymnastics.  3. I really was hoping she would say “Mommy & Daddy”   ….but…She really loves her cousins Serenity, Haven & Laney….Like you would not believe! I asked her what she loved about them so much.  She told me that loves them so much because they treat her like a sister. She said she loves them like they are her sisters because they play with her and that she really feels like they want to be around her. Okay so she is definitely like me when she compares people.  She compares her cousins to kids at school, kids at dance and just every kid she meets. She loves them because they really  really want to be with her and just love on her. I couldn’t ask for better nieces. If I could write a blog about them all it would take me weeks lol. Seriously.  Nini, Havey and Boggs…you inspire her. You are incredible.  Maylee is so lucky to have you all.  And I’m so lucky to be their Aunt.MRP_9300 copy

What she wants to be when she grows up

A teacher. A Kindergarten teacher. I asked why and she told me because it was the closest thing to Pre-K and thats all she knows so far.  I mean…that is a pretty accurate answer lol.  We applied for Mesa in Somis, and hope she gets in! Fingers crossed!!

Like I said…I’m not the greatest writer when it comes to blogs…I am just so super proud of my little girl. I look forward to seeing her grow and becoming even more incredible.  She’s inspired me from the moment I held her and she inspires me more and more every day.  Happy Birthday my sweet baby munchkin face.  We love you unconditionally.


When we found out she was a girl!


Born on December 24, 2010


When she was 1


When she was 2


When she 3


When she was 4


Family Photo by Brooke Borough Photography

And so here is 5!

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2 thoughts on “Maylee: Lifestyle”

  1. Stephanie Greenfield says:

    You outdid yourself, these are amazing. I can’t believe how time files. She is such a beauty.

  2. Deanna says:

    This is so amazing, Meesh! I annoy believe she’s turning 5. I remember the first time you held her. I have a really sweet picture of it, too, that I need to share with you. Love you all! Xox Deanna and bandit!

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