Christina + Michael

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Location: Cafe Fiore & Downtown Ventura, California

MRP_3202 copy MRP_3234 copy MRP_3240 copy MRP_3286a copy MRP_3317a copy MRP_3332a copy MRP_3340 copy  MRP_3413a copy MRP_3432 copy MRP_3490 copy MRP_3495a copy MRP_3539 copy MRP_3544 copy MRP_3572a copy MRP_3591 copy MRP_3606 copy MRP_3612a copy MRP_3623a copy MRP_3638a copy MRP_3663 copy MRP_3675 copy MRP_3728 copy MRP_3730 copy MRP_3731a copy MRP_3758a copy MRP_3770 copy MRP_3787a copy MRP_3801 copy MRP_3831a copy MRP_3852 copy MRP_3867a copy MRP_3890 copy MRP_3903 copy MRP_3908 copy MRP_3933a copy MRP_3952 copy MRP_3983 copy MRP_4003 copy MRP_4074 copy MRP_4129a copy MRP_4138 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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