Jennifer + Jesse: Engaged

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Location:  Oak View, California;      Salon: SJ Studio Salon, Oxnard, CA   Hair: Carmen    Make-up:  Claudia

MRP_3700 MRP_3971 copy MRP_3983 copy MRP_4005 copy MRP_4009 copy MRP_4017 copy MRP_4020 copy MRP_4022 copy MRP_4050 copy MRP_4061 copy MRP_4063 copy MRP_4091 copy MRP_4117 copy MRP_4175 copy MRP_4177 copy MRP_4206 copy MRP_4223 copy MRP_4248 copy MRP_4252 copy MRP_4257 copy MRP_4261 copy MRP_4264 copy MRP_4304 copy MRP_4322 MRP_4350 copy MRP_4356 copy MRP_4374 copy MRP_4383 copy MRP_4403 copy MRP_4431 copy MRP_4465 copy MRP_4472 copy MRP_4496 copy MRP_4563 copy MRP_4566 copy MRP_4604 copy MRP_4605 copy MRP_4609 copy MRP_4615 copy MRP_4637 copy MRP_4656 copy MRP_4672 copy MRP_4682 copy MRP_4710 copy MRP_4719 copy MRP_4743 copy MRP_4767 copy MRP_4783 copy MRP_4830 copy MRP_4859 copy MRP_4865 copy MRP_4868 copy MRP_4918 copy MRP_4928 copy MRP_4974 copy MRP_4991 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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