Evelyn + Chris: Engaged

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Location:  Four Seasons/Butterfly Beach, Montecito, California

Hair: Marlene and makeup by Season from SjStudioSalon

MRP_6437 copyMRP_6455MRP_6486 copyMRP_6492 copyMRP_6504 copyMRP_6539 copyMRP_6562 copyMRP_6576 copyMRP_6665 copyMRP_6679 copyMRP_6695 copyMRP_6717 copyMRP_6744 copyMRP_6747 copyMRP_6754MRP_6777 copyMRP_6785 copyMRP_6866 copyMRP_6885 copyMRP_6935 copyMRP_6979 copyMRP_6993 copyMRP_7005 copyMRP_7017 copyMRP_7027 copyMRP_7034 copyMRP_7046 copyMRP_7063 copyMRP_7069 copyMRP_7094 copyMRP_7118 copyMRP_7135 copyMRP_7160 copyMRP_7168 copyMRP_7171 copyMRP_7186 copyMRP_7199 copyMRP_7213 copyMRP_7383 copyMRP_7398 copyMRP_7413MRP_7415aMRP_7420 copyMRP_7452 copyMRP_7456 copyMRP_7481MRP_7486 copyMRP_7533 copyMRP_7543 copyMRP_7563 copyMRP_7588 copyMRP_7608MRP_7619 copyMRP_7630 copyMRP_7667 copyMRP_7675 copyMRP_7685 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website: www.mramirezphotography.com

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