Season + Albert: Engaged

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Location: Santa Barbara County Courthouse, Santa Barbara, California

Hair styled by Marlene and Make-up done by Season from Sj Studio Salon in Oxnard, CA

MRP_0033MRP_0034 copyMRP_0058 copyMRP_0129a copyMRP_0135 copyMRP_0194 copyMRP_0206 copyMRP_0253 copyMRP_0282 copyMRP_0338 copyMRP_0347 copyMRP_0352 copyMRP_0367 copyMRP_0396 copyMRP_0417 copyMRP_0463 copyMRP_0475 copyMRP_0476 copyMRP_0488 copyMRP_0496 copyMRP_0531 copyMRP_0540 copyMRP_0564 copyMRP_0577 copyMRP_0622 copyMRP_0640 copyMRP_0646 copyMRP_9419 copyMRP_9437 copyMRP_9471 copyMRP_9476 copyMRP_9486 copyMRP_9508 copyMRP_9566 copyMRP_9596a copyMRP_9605 copyMRP_9648 copyMRP_9688 copyMRP_9735 copyMRP_9754 copyMRP_9765 copyMRP_9767 copyMRP_9787 copyMRP_9788 copyMRP_9828 copyMRP_9841 copyMRP_9843 copyMRP_9873 copyMRP_9896 copyMRP_9900 copyMRP_9978 copyMRP_9980 copyMRP_9984 copyMRP_9999 copy

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I am a wedding/lifestyle/documentary and commercial shooter. Love photos of moments and documenting people's lives Visit my website:

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