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Location:  Downtown Visalia, California

I am pretty damn lucky to have this beautiful woman in life that I call my “bestie.”  I wanted to post this yesterday, because it was her birthday! (Yay Happy Birthday Stephy!), but today will do and will be just as special.  We’ve been through so much for many years, and I am sad to see her and her husband leave for Oklahoma.  We’ll definitely make a trip out there when it is not tornado season lol 😉 I wanted to blog her because she has educated me on this brand called Plexus.  I am kind of weird with health and wellness supplements because I just don’t think anything works…but I tried it, and I’m hooked…and it DOES work. It’s leading me to healthier me, on top of being active and living a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you Stephanie for introducing me to this new wave circulating though the nation.

So here’s a few words from this lovely lady.

“I am a wife to my amazing husband of 5 years,  step mom to two beautiful young adults,  a mommy to seven fur babies and I am a Hope dealer. At this time in my life health and exercise have become a part of our family Focus. 

 I First became introduced to plexus by an old highschool friend who was posting about it on Facebook so I did some reaseach and was quite impressed by all of the amazing testimonies I was finding.

So what you you know, I decide to give it a whirl. One thing to know about me is that I’m a huge cheapskate so I decided to join as an ambassador to get wholesale prices.  I wasn’t planning on working the business at all. A couple months of taking the triplex, all of my digestive issues that I had for years no longer exsisted, my husband and I had sustained energy throughout the day, I was less irritable and more focused. I knew this was something I needed to share with my friends and family. I didn’t know how good my body could actually feel until plexus. Never in my dreams would I have ever thought this would be something that I would do but here I am helping people to get their lives back by achieving overall wellness and financial freedom. I am truly blessed. I. am. Plexus.”

If you would like more info about plexus please email Stephanie at or if you would like to take a browse at her Plexus Website Click Here!


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