Oxnard Beach Styled Wedding Shoot

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At least 2-3 times a year, I’d like to squeeze styled shoots into my schedule.  It is the end of August and here I am posting my first styled shoot of 2016.  I need to get onto another Styled Project because, this Styled shoot at Oxnard State Beach Park, California was sooooo amazing! There were so many different moods going on with the weather. We started out having a really bright sunny day with no clouds in site.  So I wanted the sun to be low…almost golden hour, because I love shooting dusk as well.  Probably during the first half hour of the session, this unexpected roll of fog came in quickly.  It was almost creepy-like, but in a good way….does that make sense? lol.  It was just so good.  At one point during the fog, there was an open space of clarity down at the water.  It made everything look tropical and the water looked crystal clear.  It was beautiful, and I was so happy with how everything turned out.  I got the best of both worlds with shooting 3 different moods and lights in 1 hour. Then it was pitch black.

I couldn’t of done this with everyone who participated in this shoot.  So much talent!  I would highly recommend everyone that was involved in this shoot.  Here’s all their info below.  If you book them for anything, please tell them “hello” for me. 😉

Location:  Oxnard Beach Park in Oxnard, California

Photographer: Michelle Ramirez from Michelle Ramirez Photography

Floral Design:  by Bouavon Sanchez owner of Tangled Lotus Floral Designs

Hair & Makeup by: Brenda Hendricks from SJ Studio Salon & Spa

Wedding/Event Coordinator: Katherine Rizos from Beauty and The Ring

Stylist: Kym Fregoso from KymStyle

Dress: Lulus

Event/Party Rentals:  Amigo Party Rental

Calligrapher Design:  Tetia Stroud from Letter Bliss

Cake: Liz Valladares from Cakes by Liz

Donuts: Dolly Chinsio from Spudnuts Donuts

Bride & Groom: Miranda & Raul Fernandez

So here we have our winners from a drawing I did on my Instagram, Miranda and Raul. So when I met up with Miranda while getting her hair and makeup done, Miranda had told us a story of their elopement. To me, this made the styled shoot more intimate.  We were all so happy to do this for them as well.  I wanted her to put it in her own words, so here it is below.

“We met over 3 years ago while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. He was staying at the same resort as me, (amazingly enough the resort’s name is: Dreams) with his family for a Dominican long holiday weekend. It was love at first sight & I felt like I was living in my very own romantic movie. We couldn’t stop talking to each other about life, goals, wants, dreams & future plans. The moment I stepped on that airplane to make my journey back home I already knew he was THE ONE. 4 months after we first met I went back to the DR to see him & he proposed! 💍 We made our international over 3,200 mile long distance relationship work for a year before he was finally able to relocate to be with me & start our life together. We started planning for a wedding in the DR at the very hotel where we had fallen in love. One of his life goals growing up and coming from the island, was to join the US Air Force military. To honor his new country, the USA; and become a piece of what makes this the greatest free country in the world. As fate would have it, being part of the military also goes hand in hand with personal sacrifice. He received his first official orders that would fall during our wedding date thus having to alter our original Dominican Republic wedding plans. Being the romantics we are, we decided why wait? Why push the date? Why complicate our lives when all we really wanted was to be a married couple. A location, a place, the details, a wedding day, all of that seemed irrelevant. A marriage means more then just one day of celebrating. So we got in the car, drove to Las Vegas and eloped! Just the two of us! Celebrating in the intimate moment similar to the intimate way we feel in love. Right after getting married, he left for Air Force basic training where we were again separated for months. Newlyweds separated in distance but never separated in the heart ❤️ Real & true love has no boundaries. Being a military family is not for the faint of heart. But it is worth every sacrifice, effort, all the time, the struggles & the immense joys you feel when finally get that first hug after so much time apart.”


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